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After lots of issues involving A-Level results and conventions and other such madness, the winners list in IN! We have winners, honourable mentions, and a full list of all nominees for those wishing to use the site as a fiction resource.

Thank you to everyone who participated - we couldn't have asked for better support. These awards have been great fun to do, and for my part, I'm sad to see them go.

This is th site for those who hadn't quite realised.

If any winners would like to post up acceptance speeches, please do so here at the community - the more, the merrier!

Once again, congratulations to all our winners. See you next year... (possibly)

~The Organisers

Mauve and Dangerous Awards Voting is OPEN!

Ladies and gentlemen, voting is officially OPEN on the Mauve And Dangerous Awards, 2005. Voting will close on 25th August, 2005.

To vote, you'll need to give us your name and e-mail address on your ballot paper for security only, as it's one ballot per person. Please encourage everyone you know to vote - these awards are run through fan response alone.

Links are available for every piece on the shortlist if you're unsure of what to vote for - please go ahead and give them a whirl because there are some hidden pieces of genius in there.

Remember, voting is open until 25th August, so that's two weeks to make up your mind. Good luck voting, and congratulations if you made it to the shortlist!

~The Organisers

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First checks completed.

We've completed the first check of those nominated. In response to an earlier question, the way the numbers have worked out means that pretty much evetrything nominated made the shortlist - the only ones we won't be including are the ones that don't fit into a category. There were only the odd one of that and I think all of the stories ended up being nominated under the correct category. So it's all ended up rather happily, hasn't it?

Fingers crossed, we'll correlate all the data together and send the e-mails out in a few days at the very most. Once we have the responses in, we'll open voting.

Thanks again for nominating - this list is absolutely fantastic. Seriously. We've all just done the read-through and despite the potential blindness it's caused, as well as huddling in a corner with teabags and a manic grin, it's been worth it.

Hang on in there and other cheesy motivational phrases.

~The Organisers
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Nominations are officially closed!

Hello all!

Nominations are closed for the Mauve And Dangerous Awards. We thank everyone for their participation, and as I type, thousands of trained monkeys are running about, compiling results and reading everything to check it's suitable. Or to put it another way, one of the team is on an aeroplane or possibly Singapore, one of us has happily put together a list and is content and well, one of us is frantically planning how the actual voting will run and the other is preparing for a night in front of the computer, reading everything nominated.

We do it out of love.

Please be patient with us, we hope to have the full list up in a week or so. It's looking great so far!

~The Organisers
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M.A.D. Awards Nominations Acknowledgements

If you've nominated, you should now have recieved an e-mail from my personal gmail account thanking you for nominating.

If you haven't recieved that e-mail, either your nomination form didn't go through or the e-mail address you gave has failed. Please try again.

Nominations close on Monday 25th July, and we won't be accepting forms submitted after that date.

Thank you!
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Nominations are open until 25/7/05. To nominate, you'll need to fill out the nomination form with an appropriate story in the appropriate category. Go ahead and nominate, we need you to take part!

Be aware that you need to confirm your nomination form data, or it doesn't go through (we suspect some people think they've nominated, but it hasn't gone through).

Also, there's a nice set of banners and buttons (courtesy of taraljc)up for grabs on the site. If you want to grab and pimp, please do, we'll be very grateful.
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