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Mauve And Dangerous

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Mauve And Dangerous Awards
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Welcome to Mauve And Dangerous - the Doctor Who 2005 Fiction Awards for all areas of the new Doctor Who fandom. Created to try and keep track of the best in fan products for the new Doctor Who, we've hopefully created a comprehensive list for every conceivable genre of story, as well as a section for non-fiction awards. Bought to you using the power of democracy, these awards will be nothing without your nominations and votes. So go ahead and nominate the best in fiction and then vote for the winners!

Feel free to watch this community for updates and news on the awards as they progress. If you've got any questions, check the site FAQ, drop a comment or use the feedback form.

Note: Please don't request to join the community as it is closed to all but the maintainers - just add to your friendslist for the latest updates in the MAD Awards 2005.