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29 July 2005 @ 10:04 pm
First checks completed.  
We've completed the first check of those nominated. In response to an earlier question, the way the numbers have worked out means that pretty much evetrything nominated made the shortlist - the only ones we won't be including are the ones that don't fit into a category. There were only the odd one of that and I think all of the stories ended up being nominated under the correct category. So it's all ended up rather happily, hasn't it?

Fingers crossed, we'll correlate all the data together and send the e-mails out in a few days at the very most. Once we have the responses in, we'll open voting.

Thanks again for nominating - this list is absolutely fantastic. Seriously. We've all just done the read-through and despite the potential blindness it's caused, as well as huddling in a corner with teabags and a manic grin, it's been worth it.

Hang on in there and other cheesy motivational phrases.

~The Organisers
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